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Poker HUD Stat – Call Open /CCPF/ Call Open (aka CCPF) – a cold call preflop is when a player calls a preflop raise when he doesn’t have any money in the pot yet, including blinds. Cold call or 3bet. - Cash Games - CardsChat Hey guys. I noticed my vpip is about 25 but my pfr is 17. I think I'm cold calling way to much. How often should I cold call vs 3 bet. All Cold Call - Poker Terms Glossary | Calling after a bet and a raise

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Колд колл. Описание понятия от Академии Покера Под колд коллом понимают колл рейза сразу. Например, игрок A делает рейз, игрок B ставит 3-bet, а игрок C колирует ставку игрока В. Это и есть колд колл. В нашем следующем уроке игры в покер мы попробуем разобраться, когда и зачем он делается. Что такое колд-колл в покере? | Колд-коллы являются неотъемлемой частью покера и в могут как принести игроку немало проблем, так и оказаться лучшим решением вВ данном разделе вы найдете большое количество статей о колд-коллах в покере, которые помогут вам понять, когда стоит применять...

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What is a cold call _exactly_ ? - Two Plus Two Poker Forum - Poker Strategy Forums So, what the exact definition of a "cold call" is ? I thought that means when you flat call a raise in any position without re-raising. In PT3 there that is not considered as "cold call" when you are on the blinds and you call a raise. I reported it as a bug, but Josh told ...

To call an amount that represents a sum of bets or raises by more than one player. Alice opened for $10, Bob raised another $20, and Carol cold called the $30 . Compare to " flat call ", " overcall ".

A cold-call is a call of one or more raises by a player who has not yet voluntarily put money in the pot. The conventional wisdom used to advocate never cold calling from the small blind . And I'm pretty convinced that you could have a long and successful tournament career by sticking to a 3-bet or fold strategy in this position . Cold-Call - Definition of Cold-Call in Poker “Cold-call” is most commonly used to describe calling against a preflop open, but it can also be used to describe a situation where a player cold-calls 3-bet or 4-bet. For example: BTN open-raises. SB 3bets. BB cold-calls the 3bet. If BB were to 4bet in the above example it would be referred to as a cold 4bet. Cold Calling | Cold Calling in Poker - Cold calling is a kind of poker calling which means that you enter the game pre-flop by calling the blinds and a raise. Now, the thing you learn early on about cold calling is that it's a no-no. Don't do it.