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Apr 30, 2008 · One wall is shared with our second bathroom on the other side, and we didn’t realize that would mean rusty old razor blades flying everywhere as the drywall was pulled out. Yes, there was blood… Apparently back in the day, some medicine cabinets had a tiny slit where you would dispose of old razor blades.

Router Bits - Grooving Bits - Core Box Bits Tools and Woodworking Essentials :: Bits - Blades - Cutters :: Router Bits :: Grooving Bits :: Core Box Bits The Special of The Day...From the Orange Moon Cafe: June 2013 Inside our bathroom medicine cabinet is a slot labeled "razor blades." The opening exists as a repository for the old style flat, doubled-edged blades of days gone by. Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini - Walkthrough, Tips, Review

razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in the old …

This 3d model called "Medicine Cabinet Razor Blade Rack" was found in thingiverse. You can see more free 3d models from thingiverse here. Razor Blades - Recycle/Disposal | EDCForums


Years ago medicine cabinets had a slot where safety razor blades were deposited after they were dull. The blades would just accumulate between the walls and the studs on each side. If someone finds a bunch of razor blades, you can be assured that there was a medicine cabinet above the pile of blades on one side of the wall or the other. Medicine cabinet blade slot | Badger & Blade I did a search on 'razor blade banks' and a company called West Coast Shaving sells them for a dollar each. Yeah, I remember having medicine cabinets with a razor blade disposal slot in the back. Haven't seen one in a while, though. the next time I'm at Lowes I'll have to check just for grins. Through the Looking-Glass With a Safety Razor - TIME In the back of old medicine cabinets, you may still see the little mail slot — blackened with rust at the edges — through which a man of another time would push a used razor blade, dropping it into a mysterious, never-seen depository, the graveyard of unkeen but still raggedly dangerous blades: a black hole.

Pretty cool find and would make a great addition to a collector who has a razor without the blades.Just wait for a razor collector who wants to restore a piece in original state... arkell38, 4 years ago Yeah their pretty cool and used extreme caution while picking them up cause they are very sharp, lol.

Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets