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6.Billets/MOS. 8.Basic Groups in Army- Squad and Platoon.United States Army. US Army Ranks.*Not in use. *Note-if you want to see full size picture, right click than " open in new tab". US Army MOS Decals , Military Gifts and more at… US Army MOS 11A Infantry Officer Decal. $5.95.US Army MOS 11H Antitank Crewman TOW Decal. US Army: MOS%20CONSOLIDATION%20as%202%20Aug%2004 US Army: r870 20. USArmy PoliceOperations. treaty of versailles 1919.Note: MOS mergers do not signal changes in maintenance allocation. charts or practices. Purpose: This information is to advise commanders and maintenance personnel of the impact on maintenance operations resulting from... What is an Army MOS? (with pictures) An Army MOS is a specific job in the command structure of the US Army, ranging from playing the trumpet to rigging parachutes for...There are some limitations in the Army MOS system. Women, for example, cannot serve in certain combat positions, and as a result, not every Army MOS is open to...

Retention NCO used it when sending up packets (SGT Smith wants to re-up, he wants one of these 3 spots, system shows availability in these 2, can we make this work, kinda thing). Or it's also used all the time by the S shop for AIT when sending joe out to there first duty station. Unfortunately, that went out.

Page created by Christine Weber: America's Army 3 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 12M Firefighter Thanks for your interest in the United States Army, currently an applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 34, be a US Citizen or resident alien with an I-551 card, a HS senior, HS graduate or possess a GED with a Asvab score of 50 …

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WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 27, 2012) — A new military occupational specialty: Cryptologic Network Warfare SpecialistSoldiers from any MOS may apply as long as their current MOS will release them to reclassify into this new field, he said, adding that for now, Soldiers in the...

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US Army MOS. This system was introduced in 1965. The old 3-digit MOS system was still in transition. PMOS ( Primary Military Occupational Specialty ): The Specialty a soldier was trained to do. U.S. Army occupational specialty codes (MOS Codes) U.s. army military occupational specialty codes. U.s. army current as of: 3 november 2009. NOTE: Some AFSC may have an alphabetical suffix, known as "Shredout". The shredout identifies specialization in a specific aircraft or system. The shredout has no bearing toward... Twitch Stray228. Dota 2. 13 225. bratishkinoff. Just Chatting. 10 658. ALOHADANCETV. Just Chatting. 6 654. DreadzTV. Auto Chess. 3 434. ybicanoooobov. Dota 2. 6 778. Dota2RuHub. Dota 2. 3 536.